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The Suburban Shaman with a Cosmic Point of View

Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist

Ani Avedissian - Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Paranormal Activity Specialist, Clairvoyant


Hello. I am Ani Avedissian, energy healer, spiritual teacher and specialist in all things considered paranormal.

Although trained in traditional shaman lore, my objective as a Suburban Shaman is to clarify information and share spiritual knowledge appropriate for today's busy, noisy world.

An intuitive skill set is nothing magical or mystical. It's not some special gift bestowed upon a few worthy souls. Anyone can develop psychic awareness. Simply put, it means merging with Cosmic Consciousness - and what could possibly be wrong with that?

In our world today, we are constantly bombarded by information, or should we say...misinformation? So, how do we discern what's true, what's woo, and what gets flushed down the loo?

The answer is simple -- Alignment. When we are aligned with Source and operating above the dysfunction of our world, we see the bigger picture quite clearly and, in turn, we are selective with our interactions. In other words, there can be no deception when you have clear perception.

It sounds simple and at its core it is but, as we know, the human interface, also known as the pain body, is a veritable minefield of woe! Occasionally we need a little help.

If you want to step away from the drama and live a meaningful, joyful life with room for as much or as little excitement as you can handle, then a session with Ani might be just what you need.

Let the spirit inhabit the human!

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